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Warranty for our Sports Mouthguards

TotalGard Corp. warrants the within mouthguard to be free from defects and workmanship which could cause damage or injury to the sound natural teeth of the purchaser while properly using same in a supervised athletic contest or in a coach-supervised training session for 1 year from the date of purchase. TotalGard’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to the lesser of:

1. Actual dental expenses incurred or: 2. $163 per injured tooth or replaced tooth (in excess of any valid insurance, collected or payable) Provided that TotalGard’s total liability under this warranty shall not exceed $5,200 / incident.  Totalgard shall have no responsibility or liability unless:

1. Mouthpiece was fitted for claimant in accordance with printed instructions accompanying this warranty and:  2. Written notice of injury or damage, given name of mouthguard worn at time of injury. Shall be delivered to TotalGard within 20 days after occurrence causing injury or damage and:  3. The notice of injury is substantiated by a statement of a licensed dentist that the claimant was treated within 10 days after the date of injury and is accompanied by a statement of the supervised athletic official or coach stating that the mouthguard was in proper use at the time of injury.  4. This warranty does not provide indemnity for orthodontic treatment or preparation of a tooth to be used as an anchor for a bridge.  5. This dental warranty disclaimer and store receipt and mouthguard and notice on injury must be returned to Totalgard Corp. and become property of Totalgard Corp.